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What We Do


From our talented sales and marketing strategists to industry insights and technological innovation, working with More Living delivers security through method , expertise and results.

Founded on real-life learnings and ongoing research, we have a deep understanding of the preferences, purchase drivers and key influences of Australia’s ageing population. These insights are independent to each project and translate to quality outcomes for our clients’ customers, and into strong commercial results for them.



From existing sites that would benefit from a refreshed sales strategy to new developments that require end-to-end expertise, the scope of our capability is broad.

Every project starts with a collaboration – to understand your vision and set objectives that are aligned with your commercial goals. Our industry insights, experience and creative strategies give your business a valuable edge in an increasingly competitive market.

Project services include evaluating prospective sites, handling all acquisition negotiations, analysing feasibility for site reviews, product development, pricing and more. Our customised sales and marketing plans will set a solid foundation for a prosperous future.



Whether your current approach requires energising, or you need an all-encompassing strategy from day one, More Living will help you stand out from your competition.

The aim of marketing is to create a positive customer experience that becomes synonymous with your brand. Our dedicated team of talented sales and marketing professionals have the specialist skills and inside knowledge to deliver tailored solutions that will attract your customers. Services include:

  • Creating new product and customer value propositions
  • Brand development
  • Marketing and contact strategies
  • Integrating our clients in their local communities, and
  • Advancing technology platforms (new websites, CRM systems, device usage).



Outsourcing your sales and marketing needs to our team of skilled professionals is an investment in ongoing success.

If you’re a senior living operator who’s ready to take your sales and marketing strategy to the next level, you can trust More Living to provide a winning team. Our sales and marketing strategists are not only high performers, but they have also been extensively trained in the Australian retirement, aged care, and broader real estate markets, bringing valuable industry knowledge and key insights that will power up your business. Adept at developing results-driven strategies, our team will help you minimise risk – and maximise the success of every project.

Operational Efficiency


Efficiency is everything. Discover how More Living’s proven strategies will save you time, money and help you stand out from the crowd.

At More Living, we possess a valuable understanding of how independent and assisted living operators work. This means we’re able to identify opportunities for improvement and harness innovation for your benefit.

Beyond our seamless sales, marketing and operational strategies, there’s another side to engaging customers: technology. Specifically, sales-enhancing technology is a powerful tool in optimising customer opportunities; identifying, tracking, and scaling face-to-face interactions in order to take targeted action that leads to purchase, referrals, or both. More Living has all the tools necessary to strengthen your business – efficiently and effectively.